Innovation Focus

Speech and Language Processing

It is a fact that the way we interact with technology is improving every day. It is also a fact that the way we operate any touch-based device is also going to change. At IQ Tech Labs we are permanently improving our text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies to be able to deliver them at higher performance to our customers.

Our research efforts target multiple aspects of speech recognition, from speaker recognition to language processing.


Information Analysis; Knowledge Acquisition & Management

Today’s technologies generate and transport impressive amount of data and information. All these volumes of information carry relevant data to different parties, yet due to the high amounts it is difficult to process it and semantically interpret it in due time.

Our experts have long-term experience in high volume data processing and are constantly working on extending the information and knowledge analysis components in order to be able to address customers with special knowledge querying requirements.


Technology that shapes the future of Education

Quality education given to its people is one of the greatest assets a country may invest in. Our team works with leaders that are reforming education today in order to build technology that simplifies and improves the quality of education processes. We believe in our research and innovation efforts to change education.


Climate and Environment

Variations in weather and climate have enormous economic consequences which are increasing as the world population is growing and is becoming more industrialized. The need to understand, monitor and predict the weather and the changing climate is becoming increasingly important.

The research of environmental technologies for observation, prevention, mitigation, adaptation, and restoration of the natural and man-made environment is becoming more and more critical.